START. Introduce yourself and your project, where are you come from, and what you do.

I´m Dat Garcia, a girl from Buenos Aires who has a small studio at home where I investigate sounds and make music. I love to say what I´m not supposed to say and to mix things that don’t mix, and although they tell me that it is impossible I will try it even if it explodes in my face.

INNER CITY. Tell us about the city where you live and the spot you love the most. Also, a good music/record store, a good place for clubbing, and your favorite shop.

I live in Buenos Aires, my favourite spot is a place called Jardin Botanico, a huge green area where my two passions are together: plants and hundreds of cats living in wild life but in the middle of the city.

I´m a big fan of cassettes. There is a cassette and vinyl store in a small city called Monte Grande, where you can find many Argentinian underground music. The place is called “El coleccionista”.

If I have to recommend a place to go dancing in Buenos Aires I would say that the best is Niceto Club. There the bass hits you in the chest and makes the heart beat more beats per second.

LET’S KIDS KEEP DANCING. What was you first “dance” love? The one that took you away from whatever you were listenings to and brought you to what you listen to and do now. Do you still love it?

My first dance love was Illya Kuriaki and The Valderramas. Not specially for the dance itself, but because it approached me to certain rapper movements that make the body accompany the words. Those rhythms and rhymes make the body rock naturally. I will always love it

ELEMENTS OF LIFE. What’s your favorite spot for relaxing, where you can find yourself. Just a weekend or a vacation, near or far.

At any time, anywhere: a bath.

NOW&FOREVER. Track and/or album that you never get tired of listen to.

Treble, a track of an Argentinian artist called Catnapp.

CAN YOU FEEL IT? What’s your relationship to the “classics”? Do you like to revisit music from the past 3O years, just for inspiration or do you feel you’re doing something totally new?

I have a certain aversion for the classic, I lose interest in things that sound normal. I need intense sounds and rare combinations to feel attracted.

IN THE END. What does music gives you? Job? Emotions? Does it bore you sometimes or is it an important part of your day?

In my case, music is a way of expression, as it is speaking or interacting with other people. I never get bored of it and it´s the best part of my day.

O’ TIMES. What are the signs of these times? Which do you like and which do you hate?

The signs of these times is experimentation and irreverence, and I love that. I don´t hate anything because heterogeneity is very valuable in my opinion. You can always take a piece of something from what you “hate” and in the end you have a new rewarding product.

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