START. Introduce yourself and your project, where are you come from, and what you do.

Hello, Marco Foresta here, cofounder of Ivreatronic label. I’m a dj and a vinyl collector. I’m half of Fabio Fabio duo (along with Mattia Ricco). This project has to do with slowed down dance, samplers and mockumentary films atmosphere. I can describe my sound like a mix of exoticism, tribal psychedelia and downtempo techno.
Over the past few years I’ve been running a restaurant called “Ocio – Indigenous Fast Food” in Ivrea, a small city at the foot of the Alps where I live. The city has become a UNESCO Wordl Heritage Site thanks to the extraordinary cultural, architectural and social heritage left by Adriano Olivetti. Ivrea is also known for the traditional carnival of “the battle of the oranges”.

INNER CITY. Tell us about the city where you live and the spot you love the most. Also, a good music/record store, a good place for clubbing, and your favorite shop.

The place I love the most in town is called “Talponia”: it’s an apartment complex built by Olivetti to host architects and designers who came in Ivrea during the golden age of the factory. It’s a futuristic place, nearly abandoned and full of charm.
In the city resists just one record store so it’s easy for me telling what’s the best one :) of course, the owner is a real hero!
We do have created by ourselves a club in the city, in an abandoned old basement. We left everything as it was, including huge oak barrels and raw brick ceilings. We set it up every time bringing sound system, lights and scenery: it’s a place where a unique energy is created.

LET’S KIDS KEEP DANCING. What was you first “dance” love? The one that took you away from whatever you were listenings to and brought you to what you listen to and do now. Do you still love it?

I remember two specific moments when I realized how much the music could have affect me in my life.
The first one: there was a little square where the freaks of the city went smoking weed and listening to tapes of Cosmic Club of Daniele Baldelli, and Typhoon club of Ebreo and DJ Mozart… I couldn’t understand which kind of shape that music had, the speakers of the Renault 4 pumped up magic.
The second one: I was 10 and my uncle gave me a Sony walkman with that mega bass button. I went on bike to the town nearby through paths in the woods listening to a tape randomly taken from my dad’s car: “Orizzonti perduti” of Franco Battiato, an incredible trip, that enlightened me deeply. My love for the experimental music, turntables and for a non-conventional attitude for clubbing probably was born in that moment.

ELEMENTS OF LIFE. What’s your favorite spot for relaxing, where you can find yourself. Just a weekend or a vacation, near or far.

The place where I live is surrounded by mountains, woods and lakes. I love cycling and swimming: activities like that can connect you to yourself and to the nature, you learn how to think under strain or how to focus ruling out thoughts. A lot of music that I make, I figure it out this way. Other places where I feel comfortable are South East Asia countries, I go there whenever I can.

NOW&FOREVER. Track and/or album that you never get tired of listen to.

Mars Audiac Quintet – Stereolab
Headz Vol.1&2 – Mo Wax Record
Peel Session – Boards of Canad
Cafè Table Music – Franco Battiato
Krishnanda – Pedro Dos Santos

CAN YOU FEEL IT? What’s your relationship to the “classics”? Do you like to revisit music from the past 3O years, just for inspiration or do you feel you’re doing something totally new?

Yes, I like playing like a surgeon with all the music, stealing samples from records from the past to create new weavings.

IN THE END. What does music gives you? Job? Emotions? Does it bore you sometimes or is it an important part of your day?

I love the sound and through this I can emphasize all the moments in my existence. I can’t imagine working, having dinner, traveling or sleeping without music: it gives the right special cinematic flavour.

O’ TIMES. What are the signs of these times? Which do you like and which do you hate?

I find the contemporary clubbing’s sound interesting: it’s like it’s emancipating from itself, becoming experimental, multiforme and creative. It doesn’t have to be necessarily high on bpm or produced in a conventional or functional way. There are a lot of DJs that blow up the dancefloor with 100bpm like Front de Cadeaux, Manfredas or Thomas Jackson. Or just like the post dance punk attitude of Red Axes or the more esoteric one of Simple Symmetry. Basically a lot of powerful music!
I don’t like the attitude for nonsense and rubbish hits, often DJs who play this kind of music call the gig “services” and play music without research or personality.

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