START. Introduce yourself and your project, where are you come from, and what you do.


My name is Paula and I have a electronic/dream pop project known as Sobrenadar. I’m from a city of the north of Argentina, studied music production and start recording songs in my bedroom that now are part of differents EPs and LPs in various formats not only digital also cassettes, CDs and vinyl.

INNER CITY. Tell us about the city where you live and the spot you love the most. Also, a good music/record store, a good place for clubbing, and your favorite shop.



Buenos Aires, like every big city, is very chaotic but with a lot of good places and beautiful people to know. One of my favourite is a labyrinthique garden called “Jardin Andaluz”. Is in my neighbourhood, and I go there sometimes to smell the perfume of the flowers and enjoy the differents species of trees: ginkgo biloba, ombú , glycine , cypress , palms, palo borracho and others. Feels like an oasis in the city.A good record shop is “El Agujerito”, his owner is a legendary DJ (Dany Nijensohn), there you will find the best of the best. And if you want to dance I will recommend Dengue Dancing, a party that happens in “Gong”, a club from 1937 with a classical mirror ball and a 70s ambient.

LET’S KIDS KEEP DANCING. What was you first “dance” love? The one that took you away from whatever you were listenings to and brought you to what you listen to and do now. Do you still love it?


I don’t know if “dance” is correct to say here but the first CD that I bought was Human Hymns from The Verve, I was 10 years old and taking drum classes and my teacher assigned me the song “Sonnet” to play it in a show at the end of the semester and I feel a strong connection with this album, I was really in love and was and before and after in what I choose to listening from that moment and definitely still one of my favourites.


ELEMENTS OF LIFE. What’s your favorite spot for relaxing, where you can find yourself. Just a weekend or a vacation, near or far.


I always need to go back to the city where I grow up, once in a while to visit my family and there I spend most of the time at home, where there is a beautiful garden full of trees, flowers, butterflies and grass to lay down and relax, is like paradise to me. And I cannot fail to mention Budina, a black cat that owns my heart and his friend Otto the dog. But If i cannot go there i probabily choose the south of Argentina, is beautiful.

NOW&FOREVER. Track and/or album that you never get tired of listen to.

Pocket Symphony by Air.


CAN YOU FEEL IT? What’s your relationship to the “classics”? Do you like to revisit music from the past 3O years, just for inspiration or do you feel you’re doing something totally new?

Well, I listen to every kind of music, but I feel this special bound with the 8Os, so maybe the music I do can have little details that remains of this time. Even though, I try to do something that feel fresh, but there will always be a part that come with influence of the past or the present.


IN THE END. What does music gives you? Job? Emotions? Does it bore you sometimes or is it an important part of your day?


Music occupy almost all of my time. I have jobs because of this, and also I can loose all my worries in the minute I start to put down new ideas or just sit and listen to an album.But like every love sometimes you need some space, and there is when silence becomes a pretty good friend that helps a lot and brings some clarity to my mind.


O’ TIMES. What are the signs of these times? Which do you like and which do you hate?





I see many things that are wrong in these times. I do not like progress, I do not like how money makes people crazy, I do not like we are not able to value the earth where we live, and see how this world works well for a few and bad for many others. Inequality is unjust but also I see many people becoming aware of this and make changes from themselves, at least taking a stand and defending their ideals with passion, that give me hope not to think that this world is crazy and that in a few years we can be better.

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