START. Introduce yourself and your project, where are you come from, and what you do.

My name is Inês and I make music and DJ under the artist name Violet. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

INNER CITY. Tell us about the city where you live and the spot you love the most. Also, a good music/record store, a good place for clubbing, and your favorite shop.

I’ve been spending more and more time in Lisbon as well as London right now, so maybe I can do this for both cities! My fav spot in Lisbon is probably Belém, a riverside neighbourhood where there are beautiful gardens and some of the most striking, ocean-inspired monuments are: Jerónimos and Torre de Belém. Record store I would say Flur for the super careful selection that really suits my taste. I love going out to see a great DJ at Lux, it’s a great club with a 100% flawless sound system. My favourite shop is not really a shop but.. the Pastéis de Belém factory where you can get freshly baked custard tarts.

In London, my fav spot is Greenwich I think – I love how it’s quieter than central london and so charming. The market has delicious food and II’m a sucker for the planetarium shows. There are so many great records stores in London that it’s unfair to pick one, but i’ll go for Lucky Seven in Stoke Newington for the atmosphere and because that’s where I got more music. My fav shop in London are all the charity shops I can lay my eyes on, where i get nice clothes and great books and records at a fraction of the price while contributing to a worthy cause.

LET’S KIDS KEEP DANCING. What was you first “dance” love? The one that took you away from whatever you were listenings to and brought you to what you listen to and do now. Do you still love it?

The “Alcântara-Mar vol. 1” mix that DJ Luis Leite put out on CD when I was 12. I still love every track on it and it really marked the beginning of my love for raw, emotional, naive dance music.

ELEMENTS OF LIFE. What’s your favorite spot for relaxing, where you can find yourself. Just a weekend or a vacation, near or far.

I love Sintra, a village in the mountains near Lisbon. My boyfriend and I go there regularly when we are in Portugal and we’re very inspired by how mystical it automatically feels with all its ancient monasteries, a castle, unspoiled beaches (especially Ursa, our favourite, which involves missioning down a mountain for 3O mins by foot) and exhuberant nature.

NOW&FOREVER. Track and/or album that you never get tired of listen to.

Aphex Twin’s “Selected ambient works vol. 1”. The melodies and textures are so inescapably dreamy. It’s just a perfect album, and feels so archetypal, like a powerful symbol that has no time. Simultaneously classic and futuristic.

CAN YOU FEEL IT? What’s your relationship to the “classics”? Do you like to revisit music from the past 3O years, just for inspiration or do you feel you’re doing something totally new?

I love classics. I have a very natural relationship with the music from the past 3 decades. It inspires me heavily, but I don’t look to accumulate an encyclopaedic knowledge about it. I respectfully take its cues and create something new from it, be it on a DJ set by blending it with newer stuff or by incorporating that classic feeling in my own productions.

IN THE END. What does music gives you? Job? Emotions? Does it bore you sometimes or is it an important part of your day?

It brings me so much joy. It definitely helps me process my emotions by listening to it and getting lost in my soul at home or at a club. It also helps me express myself when I write it. When I DJ, I feel that it creates a very, very powerful connection with the crowd that I value immensely. I also met some of my favourite people in the world through music. So the human side of it is definitely what I value the most and I’m extremely grateful that I am lucky enough to have made it my everyday job. I’ll never take that for granted.

O’ TIMES. What are the signs of these times? Which do you like and which do you hate?

I think we are living a renaissance of sorts because of how technology is changing our lives and even minds – and as much as I’m aware of its dangers, I also feel that this is happening because humans can’t stop evolving and making things more exciting, intelligent and holistic, too.

I am not that naive though: I know that we live in a time where politics is mostly a sick joke and the planet’s records on human rights and equality still have a massive way to go, but I’m also not one to glorify the past because I think we were even more primitive a century ago, and even worse two centuries ago, etc. Human empathy is definitely on the rise in my opinion. Our mental aspect is getting better, and that’s what rules the rest. Call me excessively optimistic but I’m looking forward to the future.